Thursday, 31 December 2009


The last day of the year has arrived..I still have lots of Last Year left to do, including posting our Christmas on here before 2010!! But I think it's time to breathe, step back, and just let the New Year unfold, rather than frantically trying to Get It All Done. We'll see how it goes!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The Most memorable Childhood Christmas Gift!

Just reminiscing a bit...

I practically cried with happiness when I received my long-ago, shop-chosen Cabbage Patch Doll (red curly hair, green eyes..named Timothy Corey! Great ole names these guys had..). My younger sister (mother to Cara Marigold the 'preemie' Cabbage Patch) & I had been sneaking out to try to feel the boxes to check if we both had the chosen dolls..until we actually FOUND the right size & shape boxes, and one of us knocked over a photo frame on a shelf by the tree..waking mum who roared out of the bedroom “get back to b****y bed or Santa will take it all back!!!” Oh, the excitement of it all..!! Australia, 1985.

What was your most memorable gift??

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Christmas 2006

This was taken of my youngest sister and I when she was across for the holidays from Hungary in 2006. Baby D was 11 months old-her first ever Christmas. It was so great. I haven't seen Smallest Sis since February, 2008. That is a long time. I miss you, Smallest Sis.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Some magick for 2010..

This is the second, unbelievably generous giveaway I have come across in my list of lovely blogging ladies. This is from Kat-aka The Celtic Witch-at Magickal Enchantments. Her etsy shop is divine-I have just recently purchased some beautiful gifts from her shop, and seriously want to keep them all for myself. Kat's blog says..

'Are you feeling stagnant and unmotivated? Perhaps you feel as though something is missing in your life, but your not sure where to begin looking for it. The time has come to connect to your spiritual roots and inner light. Your life is a gift and how you live it is your choice.
I am pleased to offer to my blessed followers a new giveaway. I wanted to give away something really special for the new year to one of you. I decided to start off the new year with my biggest giveaway yet.
A Custom Spirituality Kit!' 
More info on exactly what this entails on the blog itself. If it's something you find appealing, pop on across and give Magickal Enchantments a visit :-)

Monday, 7 December 2009

Oh My Goddess!!

So exciting-the amazingly talented, beautiful soul Leonie is having a fabby giveaway over on her site! To quote...

"....And one goddess will win an enrolment in our newest Goddess School e-course: the Radiant Goddess e-course! Term 2 begins January 17 and should be the most stunning way to begin your New Year :)
We set up the Radiant Goddess e-Course as a 21 day structured, supported plan for you to feel cleansed and revitalised and awoken on all your levels - body, mind and spirit. You’ll get gorgeous nutritious menu plans, movement plans, meditations, soulful goddess tasks and support and guidance."
Now, if you are anything like me, you could definately benefit from all the things this course will embody. I am so, so excited-I will be enrolling as a birthday gift from my dear Mr D-and what better gift?? Head on over here to check it all out...

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Me at J.M. Barrie's desk, Kirriemuir. 

Oh MAAAAN...!! (said in Mini D's 'Swiper' from Dora The Explorer voice..)
Have you noticed my lack of posts?? I am in a mid-season rut. I have busy, busy days..staff out ill...elderly relatives to care for...letters, emails, calls, general admin going unanswered..this kills me. I am a stickler for having all my paperwork up to date, all my t's crossed and i's dotted... money to school for Christmas Panto trip paid well in time..
And I find I'm lagging, for the first time in ages. Lagging with my Mummy job, my Teacher job, my Owner job, my Family/Friends/Contacts do I regain my lost terrain? How do I get back on top of things without being up til all hours (and becoming Useless Wreck the next day?..vicious cycle..). And the creative side? Long writer's desk practically sighs every time I walk past it. I hear ya..I'm just too busy looking for blankies and sudacrem..
Any tips or words of wisdom would be much appreciated. I aint too proud to beg!
Even if they involve the phrase 'Swiper, no swiping!'...I know, it's late...I need bed.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner??

Well, guess who's coming from Down South (England) to see only his Aunty Lizzie his Aunty, Uncle, Cousin & Nanny for a few days? Boo-Boo, my 9 month old nephew-complete with his gorgeous smile and big blue eyes. I am so delighted. It's been a few months since we saw my sister and her family (summertime), so Boo-Boo The Godson has grown tremendously and has acquired 4 teeth in the process. He is coming just in time for our Halloween Party. 
He is going to be a cat-could you die with the adorableness of it all? I know,I am so cheesy.
By the way, Boo-Boo does have a Real Name. But he is my Boo-Boo boy.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Feeling sick with desire..

LOOK at this. Please Santa...?

Friday, 25 September 2009

Eco Versus Freako

Well, Mamas and any other person reading who deems themselves a responsible adult trying to do the best for your brood and the world at large--BE WARNED!!
I am a reader of some lovely, informative, funny and witty blogs. I have friends in the real world who also fit into that category (shockingly, as my husband seems to think I spend all my time on HERE)! But some blogging ladies ARE also Real the two are blurred in a lovely way and I envision us as a circle of wise women, sharing their thoughts/ideas/feelings/advice with others through the goodness of their hearts and the fun of it all (and Microsoft).
So here I am, perusing away-laughing, reading, learning, admiring...and along the way I am learning quite a lot about how to be more gentle with the earth (please do not be picturing me in flowing gypsy skirt, hemp sandals and surrounding incense smell). I really just loved the idea of reducing the useless stuff in our everyday life as a family. Anyone would think that was a good idea, right? A clear-out, some frugal living, and a simpler, happier lifestyle for all.
Maybe if I had married him or him, that would be a-okay. But I am married to him. And he has issues with things that cause more than the usual effort/are a bit unorthodox/mean you may come into contact with some bodily fluid. Please do not ask me to re-tell the story of Mr D and Mini D's first poo..lets just leave it "at scarred for life".
So when I mentioned recycling was not too bad, we got (reused!) big ole containers sorted out for the job (picture Mr D nicking Tesco's delivery crates after dark in full face helmet).
Segregation began in earnest..we realised we were saving loads and loads of space in our wheelie bin by taking our stuff to the "recycling placey" (Mr D language). It was all good. Until I opened 1-the shed 2-the boot of the car and 3-the hall closet. If I were a swearing person, now would be the place.
Needless to say, I am now Head Of Recycling. And composting (the little food-scrap box in the kitchen is usually placed by the front door when it needs to be emptied into the big composter day I thought, I've not emptied it, maybe Mr D has as it keeps moving away from the door and back to kitchen. Mr D- "I wondered why on earth it kept turning up by the door. Silly place for a scrap box. I thought Mini D was just using it as a play shopping basket so I kept putting it back for you".) You get the jist.
So my new venture was the Handmade Challenge-met fairly well, except you can't get handmade PS2 games or specialist car polish or iPhones on etsy. So this is what Mr D is getting for Christmas. I will make it myself.
I thought long and hard about the argument for and against toilet paper-yes, you are hearing me correctly-and thought it may be nice to use cloth wipes for Number Ones (possibly just me and Mini D-I'm a reasonable woman). I mean, cloth wipes for babies, what's the big deal? They'd go in my laundry basket, in a (very cute) smell-proof wet bag and get tipped in to wash with everything else. Gentle, thorough (!!) and no chance I'd ever be repeating the 12 week pregnancy/gyno exam scenario again (picture Nurse and Mr D in tears of laughter as I am asked if I minded her "just removing the stray bits of toilet roll" with her gloves before we began!!!! )
Mr D was approached by me the other night (NOT in that way) about the no-toilet-roll scenario. He blinked.
"What on earth are you on? Have they upped your medication?"
No comment.
"What were you picturing the used bits of material-"
"It's called a Family Cloth, Mr D."
Uproarious laughter.
Eyes wiped, breath back, he continued.
"What would they be chucked into? If people came round would it be in a pile in the bathroom or what?"
Deep breaths and Patient Mummy voice on.
"No, there are lots of options, like ceramic jars with essential oils to prevent smells.."Mr D hears essential oils and thinks this."..or I saw one post about an old yogurt container with an X cut into the top-"
At this point I think I reached for the phone to call NHS 24 as Mr D was no longer able to breathe, tears were running down his face and he was turning purple.
The final topic before bed was cloth pads (no) and then the Moon Cup. I am actually very keen on this side of things, as I don't like tampons for what they're made of. However I am not a Pad Girl, so this sounded like a great plan. I ordered it, got it delivered, sterilized, worked out the ways of it..and presto. I love it.
Telling Mr D about this, I mentioned that it isn't really very far in, just a bit as it does the job very adequately positioned just inside. Have I mentioned Mr D hates bodily fluids? Blank look again. Mouth open.
"Just 'bits' look like a mouth with an orange quarter in them?"
I will end there in the hopes that you are not mortally offended by my honest rantings and that you will not unsubscribe!!! I vow to be less graphic next time. And no, I am not carrying any citrus fruits down below.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Harper Valley PTA

My first PTA meeting I wearing my mini skirt??

Friday, 11 September 2009

...September 11th Again

We've heard enough about 9/11 I know, a tragic and insane event that will never leave our minds fully. Just a quick post to say I Have Not Forgotten. Paul & Ian,friends from my time in the US,were killed in the towers. Brave,going back in to save others moments before the first tower collapsed. Thoughts are with your families on this day. Revelations 21:4 cannot come soon enough.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

11 Months and Counting Down..

Does this little person look ready for school??

Today I had my first Parent-Teacher catch up at Mini D's Pre-School. She has attended other nurseries full time since 5 1/2 months old, as I went back to that job after maternity leave, but THIS is Pre-School...the clue's in the name. Pre. School. It scares me.
Her amazing teacher, Mrs B was really full of the praises for Mini D (if she was seeing her during the times I sneakily dare turn the telly onto something other than Disney Channel, not so sure she'd be sayin' all that..the words 'banshee' and 'screaming' come to mind!!)
BUT Mrs B assured me delightedly that even though D is a January birthday (like mamma), she will be More Than Ready For School in 2010. More Than.
Looked at school calendar...August 18th is the start of the next school year. We have 11 months until uniforms and homework and structured timetables and...big girls. (Please God, no High School Musical or Hannah Montana rubbish...pleeeeaaaase!!)
As you saw in my last post, Erika is having her baby. Maybe that's what I need to get over the trauma. What time does Mr D come home...?

Baby On The Way!

Erika (one of my wonderfully talented, lovely blogging ladies listed below) is in hospital as we speak, preparing to give birth to Baby Sloane. Prayers are with her, cannot wait to see this little bundle of love!

Sunday, 6 September 2009


I spent the latter teenage and majority of my twenties in countries away from my family. This was really hard. I am a very family-oriented person and not being able to speak to them whenever I want physically hurt. I missed everything-from laughing with Nagyi (my maternal grandmother) to sharing morning espressos with my Dad..but it had to be done. The bottom line of it was I needed a job. Or two. So I had to go. Different countries, different places..
And then it got easier, as the years went by I tried really hard to concentrate on where I was and forging new links around me. When I met Mr D I finally felt the seeds of a new little family unit were being sown. Being away, though still heart-wrenching at times (I wanted to share so much with them face to face!) became a little bit more bearable.
Then Tiny D was born and the desire to be with these amazing people and roots to my-and Tiny D's-past grew even more. We talked about moving to Hungary (Mr D feels as at home there as I do,it's a beauty to behold). However, making a living is the crux of it all, so until we felt we could do that there the plan was on the back we made do with visits. That ended too soon!
After a series of events, my sister (the Middle One-there are three of us) moved to the UK as well. We're about 5 hours drive from each other, which is amazing. Reenie and her husband had their first little baby earlier this year (my beautiful godson-Tiny B) so it's extra-nice for the two cousins to spend time together every couple of months, as opposed to once a year etc. I love having them nearby.
THEN my mum moved here-literally into the same town as me. So unexpected! This has been great, you absolutely never ever get over being away from your mum, the person who has known you since the very first moment. Regardless of misunderstandings and arguments (being far too similar doesn't help!), you still turn to your mum when you need a shoulder. To cry on, to laugh on, to share on.
So after weeks of being 'too busy', I bit the bullet, accepted the invitation and went across to mum's last night for dinner with Mr & Tiny D. It was great. We had great talks, lots of laughs (Mr D is very silly) and as we were leaving Tiny D burst into those floods of can't-breathe-I'm-crying-so-much tears at the thought of leaving Nanny. We all just melted. At the end of the day, being so close after years of distance can be hard to get used to again, but the essence of it all, the underlying bond, the love, is always there. You will rarely find anything to replace this. And I am so happy Tiny D has already realised this for her little tear-stained self.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Dorothy In The Poppy Field..

Man, oh I tired or what??
I'm sure all you mamas with Back To Schoolers (including Pre-School and all other forms of childcare that mean "routine") are feeling the same. Every day I am up, out the door, then back home, cleaning, tidying, washing, errand-ing..and then my day job starts (recently opened a childcare facility which is home-based at the moment). I love my family, love my home, love that I have the option of being home and around for my daughter, love my vocation...but man, I would love some sleep..
Do you remember the episode of 'Desperate Housewives' where Lynette takes her child's ADHD medication, in order to have enough energy to get through the day? (Obviously, I am not advocating that!!!) But it made me think, the pressure on mamas to Do It All is immense. You want your house to look presentable (and not harbour illness-inducing germs at least!), you want your children/spouse..oh, and yourself.. to have clean clothes, meals to eat, heating bills paid, you want some time with your children just to play, you want some semblance of organisation..and that means climbing out of bed, sacrificing the much-needed rest and Getting On With It.
Mamas I know and mamas in the blogs that I follow (listed below) are wonderful sources of inspiration and advice. When you think there is no way on earth everything can be accomplished, you either find an easier way to Do It All, or else you realise you can actually cut yourself a little slack sometimes..thank you to all my inspirations.
If this is a bit incoherent, it's because it's real late and I've been awake since 5:45 a.m... Dorothy in the Poppy Field, that's me!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The End of August

I so remember that Back to School feeling. In Australia, it fell at the end of January/very beginning of February. It meant attacking K-Mart with mum and dad for shiny new pens, pencils, sharpeners, rubbers, felt pens..ooh and all the different styles of ConTact! You tended to get a bit carried away and lightheaded with it all (Yes I DO Need A Paper Guillotine In Primary 4, Thanks Very Much Mum!). A bit Crazy-I-Need-It-Magpie. Possibly fueled by too many Paddle Pops..
The obsession with stationery has not ended I'm afraid. Maybe I am trying to re-capture that excited feeling, that feeling of collecting the tools that will allow me to create and do amazing, new things (like almost fail maths!!). Or at least the feeling of approaching it all with your best shot. Either way, I have something on my desk now I call My Precious. The Garbini!
It is a totally recyclable (made of corn husks, which Mr D refuses to believe) and holds ALL my lovely, shiny, fancy pens and pencils. Pencil cases-and I've tried a few-are far too limiting. Mini D has sussed it's location with wide eyes though, and has shimmied her 3 year old self up onto desk and beyond to high shelf to reach...a shiny pair of black and silver seamstress scissors (did I mention she has no fear?). The Most Precious.
Luckily, this Magpie will have to use her own stash of crayons et al for a while yet..funnily enough, once I saw her on the desk, My Precious moved to locations undisclosed. But the feeling of New Supplies to fuel the academic journey, so to be fully up for the task at hand remains. I love it. And possibly Mini D is heading that way too..