Thursday, 22 May 2014

Daybook 6


Outside my window
 ... Heavy grey skies, amber warning for rain (already in progress). 

I am thinking...Of a lot of things! Away on holiday in a couple of days and lots to do/organise before hand. 

I am thankful... For being able to actually GO on holiday. We are blessed. It wasn't always the case.

In the kitchen...Lots of packed lunch boxes from the kiddlets here today, leftovers in fridge all ready for quick and easy dinner.

I am wearing...   (well, one can dream!)

I am creating...Bits here and there, not committed to anything, which is BAD!

I am going...To get my nails done in a couple hours, then sunbed and 2 back to back exercise classes tonight with friends.

I am wondering...What to wear to my "Mamma Mia" cinema/disco night tomorrow!

I am reading...Lots. Book Club book-"The Black House", Peter May. Also "A Beautiful Lie" by T.E.Sivec. "The Girl in the Box" by Robert J.Crane. "26 Reasons to Run" by Ruth Field.

I am hoping....The crazy rain stops asap and Spring heats up soooon!!

I am looking forward to...Waking up tomorrow morning and knowing I'm offf!!

I am learning...To be a grown-up, that life is too short for rubbish, that Truth is everything.

Around the house...Needing a proper clean and slight tidy-up, scheduled for this weekend before we go. Before that, it will be pretty pointless!

I am pondering....What happened to the lone, dead baby bird we found in it's nest? After all the (5) beautiful eggs and traces of them and the parents disappeared?? Not even a bit of eggshell left, just a new baby with a little blood on its neck. Sad..

A favorite quote for today...Just as slow as you need to go..(my jogging mantra).

One of my favorite things...My youngest at 3 1/2 being so "big" with her 1D fan stuff, yet small enough to be delighted at her new travel dolphin back pack :)

A few plans for the rest of the week...Argh! Nails/hair/sunbeds/gym classes/jogging/house cleaned to the max/bedding all changed/washing up to date/packing done/hamsters dropped off to Diane & Johnny's/all documents located and stored...and breathe....

A peek into my day...

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