Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Me at J.M. Barrie's desk, Kirriemuir. 

Oh MAAAAN...!! (said in Mini D's 'Swiper' from Dora The Explorer voice..)
Have you noticed my lack of posts?? I am in a mid-season rut. I have busy, busy days..staff out ill...elderly relatives to care for...letters, emails, calls, general admin going unanswered..this kills me. I am a stickler for having all my paperwork up to date, all my t's crossed and i's dotted... money to school for Christmas Panto trip paid well in time..
And I find I'm lagging, for the first time in ages. Lagging with my Mummy job, my Teacher job, my Owner job, my Family/Friends/Contacts do I regain my lost terrain? How do I get back on top of things without being up til all hours (and becoming Useless Wreck the next day?..vicious cycle..). And the creative side? Long writer's desk practically sighs every time I walk past it. I hear ya..I'm just too busy looking for blankies and sudacrem..
Any tips or words of wisdom would be much appreciated. I aint too proud to beg!
Even if they involve the phrase 'Swiper, no swiping!'...I know, it's late...I need bed.


shaund said...

I dont see any lagging... just occasional pauses for thought or a breath to recharge the batteries.
Its hard to run a nursary,keep a very active young girl busy and stimulated; and do book events......phew
your creative side has not "long left", just changed direction a bit :-)
felt elves, embelished articles of clothing, all kinds of cards and crafts.. Oh Maaaannn.

It has been a year of 'getting the word out' which can be - initially at least; a thank less task. But we have had some good events and support, so sales have picked up and certainly improved as the year has passed.

Good events to look forward to, and Liz' love of the product, persistance and good customer manner has paid off.

LizzieDee said...

Thank you x