Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Dorothy In The Poppy Field..

Man, oh man..am I tired or what??
I'm sure all you mamas with Back To Schoolers (including Pre-School and all other forms of childcare that mean "routine") are feeling the same. Every day I am up, out the door, then back home, cleaning, tidying, washing, errand-ing..and then my day job starts (recently opened a childcare facility which is home-based at the moment). I love my family, love my home, love that I have the option of being home and around for my daughter, love my vocation...but man, I would love some sleep..
Do you remember the episode of 'Desperate Housewives' where Lynette takes her child's ADHD medication, in order to have enough energy to get through the day? (Obviously, I am not advocating that!!!) But it made me think, the pressure on mamas to Do It All is immense. You want your house to look presentable (and not harbour illness-inducing germs at least!), you want your children/spouse..oh, and yourself.. to have clean clothes, meals to eat, heating bills paid, you want some time with your children just to play, you want some semblance of organisation..and that means climbing out of bed, sacrificing the much-needed rest and Getting On With It.
Mamas I know and mamas in the blogs that I follow (listed below) are wonderful sources of inspiration and advice. When you think there is no way on earth everything can be accomplished, you either find an easier way to Do It All, or else you realise you can actually cut yourself a little slack sometimes..thank you to all my inspirations.
If this is a bit incoherent, it's because it's real late and I've been awake since 5:45 a.m... Dorothy in the Poppy Field, that's me!

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