Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The Most memorable Childhood Christmas Gift!

Just reminiscing a bit...

I practically cried with happiness when I received my long-ago, shop-chosen Cabbage Patch Doll (red curly hair, green eyes..named Timothy Corey! Great ole names these guys had..). My younger sister (mother to Cara Marigold the 'preemie' Cabbage Patch) & I had been sneaking out to try to feel the boxes to check if we both had the chosen dolls..until we actually FOUND the right size & shape boxes, and one of us knocked over a photo frame on a shelf by the tree..waking mum who roared out of the bedroom “get back to b****y bed or Santa will take it all back!!!” Oh, the excitement of it all..!! Australia, 1985.

What was your most memorable gift??


Vixanne said...

I had a cabbage patch doll too, and despite them getting a bit of bad press for being "weird looking" at the time, I thought she was fantastic! My nan made her a nightdress and bed clothes too :)

LizzieDee said...

Oh cute!Crafty was not my mum's thing at all, lucky you!The dolls WERE so fun.We had hours and hours with ours :-)