Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The End of August

I so remember that Back to School feeling. In Australia, it fell at the end of January/very beginning of February. It meant attacking K-Mart with mum and dad for shiny new pens, pencils, sharpeners, rubbers, felt pens..ooh and all the different styles of ConTact! You tended to get a bit carried away and lightheaded with it all (Yes I DO Need A Paper Guillotine In Primary 4, Thanks Very Much Mum!). A bit Crazy-I-Need-It-Magpie. Possibly fueled by too many Paddle Pops..
The obsession with stationery has not ended I'm afraid. Maybe I am trying to re-capture that excited feeling, that feeling of collecting the tools that will allow me to create and do amazing, new things (like almost fail maths!!). Or at least the feeling of approaching it all with your best shot. Either way, I have something on my desk now I call My Precious. The Garbini!
It is a totally recyclable (made of corn husks, which Mr D refuses to believe) and holds ALL my lovely, shiny, fancy pens and pencils. Pencil cases-and I've tried a few-are far too limiting. Mini D has sussed it's location with wide eyes though, and has shimmied her 3 year old self up onto desk and beyond to high shelf to reach...a shiny pair of black and silver seamstress scissors (did I mention she has no fear?). The Most Precious.
Luckily, this Magpie will have to use her own stash of crayons et al for a while yet..funnily enough, once I saw her on the desk, My Precious moved to locations undisclosed. But the feeling of New Supplies to fuel the academic journey, so to be fully up for the task at hand remains. I love it. And possibly Mini D is heading that way too..

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Laurie said...

Well done Liz - love it. Look foward to reading the journey!