Monday, 26 July 2010

The Turning Of The Tides

And here we are with less than 8 weeks to go before our new baby's birth...time has flown by unbelievably. In the past months, transformations have taken place in every part of our lives. Our business has a very healthy waiting list in place for our future childcare enrollments, thank the universe. We have had to look more realistically than ever at expansion and full private day nursery registration (and all that involves--eek! so much work!). We have had to realise that the only "baby" in our little family until now-Mini D-is actually old enough and mature enough to start school in August (so emotional for me). That whilst our families are part of us genetically, we do not actually have to force a relationship with them if it is clearly to our detriment emotionally or mentally. That being on the same page as your spouse is the nicest feeling in the world. That health is everything. That there is more to the world and the universe than we think. That rest is vital. That we need time out as a family to recharge, rather than just always trying to catch up on "jobs". That "this moment only once" is something very important to remember.
That we are so lucky to have what we have, this loving family unit of 3 (soon to be 4!).
Us, 2006....stayed tuned for the new version!

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