Wednesday, 28 July 2010

A Hungarian Doula...

Hello Everyone!
For all that don't know this about me, I'm the Membership Coordinator for the National Childbirth Trust in our area. This is a cause very dear to my heart, as choice in childbirth and support during this time and the time surrounding it are, to me, vital.
I am originally from Hungary (though born in Australia).
I received an e-mail today from an old friend back home in Hungary asking for help. For a little background info, Hungary was a communist-bloc country up until 1989 and has been striving ferociously ever since to regain some of it's economical status that was depleted to almost nothing during the Communist years. So finances, although better than they were then, are still very thin on the ground (part of the reason I moved countries years ago-there was absolutely no way of making a living at the time).
A lot of what we call 'western' ideas had been unknown to anyone in communist-bloc countries so the thought of any choice in childbirth was-and for the huge part-still is unknown. I have heard many a horror story (to my 'western' ears anyway!) about childbirth at home from cousins, aunts etc. So when my friend told me his wife is one of the very few women in Hungary wanting choice, and change, and training as an actual Doula, my heart jumped for joy.
Reka Dezsi has a blog where she details her experiences-although in Hungarian (google translator does big chunks at a time if you're interested :)) called Holdanya (MoonMother).
Reka has been invited to the USA (Albuquerque)for a huge Doula training event (by DONA International) in the beginning of August, but obviously, needs to be able to fund this in order to make the trip (international travel is a huge deal from Hungary to most people). She & her husband have asked for my help, in order to possibly see if anyone could make a donation to Reka's travel fund. Any,any little would help (I'm talking even £1 here!). The details to make a direct transfer (account details) are posted at the top of her blog. If there's anything further I personally can help with in regard to this worthy cause, please let me know. For now-thank you for reading, and thank you even more if you pass this on to otehrs or are moved to help with a donation. I will keep you updated on Reka's progress! Much love! :))

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