Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Whirlwind Winter!!

Well, I have not visited Blog Domain in over a month, but it has really and truly been a crazy, outta this world beginning to the year! I think the most notable was around Mini D's 4th birthday when I realised I felt like absolute c**p and it was NOT going away. Some calculating and testing later, realised we were going to have a Tiny D by the autumn. You think that's ages away? It is!! But I knew, knew from possibly conception that this little peanut was on it's way-which is how we have known since I was 4 1/2 weeks along...a long time until we get to meet Tiny D, but one day at a time.
Meantime, very first Midwife appointment today-Mr D can't get out of work, so Mini D & my Bestie, Di are coming with me (Di is hopefully going to be at the delivery with Mr D).
I am sick as a dog with this little one, and feel/look awful compared to Pregnancy Number 1 where I was all aglow and energetic and well, relaxed..now it's more along the lines of greasy hair, lethargy, constant nausea and hormonal moodswings. Isn't my husband a lucky man???
More to come as I get more used to my current state-and hopefully more info on the Twin Rumours.'Cos there's a chance it's twins...

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Vixanne said...

Hope all's well and we get to hear more soon :)