Friday, 14 January 2011


These people-one large, 2 small-are the center of my world. Everything I do revolves around them. To be able to spend beautiful, quality time together over the Christmas period was amazing, and we all thoroughly enjoyed the time with each other. There was much snuggling (with Snugees for some of us!), eating yummy things, drinking lovely things, exchanging of gifts, visiting of family and friends, sparkles of trees, carpets of magical, deep snow outside, breathtaking icy walks and oh so much joy! It is for this reason that There are spring/summer catalogues appearing, lighter clothes appearing in the stores, people discussing summer holidays and flower planting....and I am blocking my ears to it all. I took my Christmas tree down on the 9th of January (it went up the 12th of December) amid much query from those visiting. Half my excuse was that Teeny Duffy loved the lights..but really, it was mostly me I think. I was left to do the packing up of tree/cards/decorations myself that Sunday the 9th, and I am not kidding-it took me all afternoon. Not because it was a huge tree, or fully decked out house, but because, well, it involves ritual. Things need to be wrapped up safely for next year, things get picked up and wondered over and re-read...and in some cases tears are shed for cards from a very seriously ill Gran who we love so much, and who will not be able to write messages like that again for her beloved grandchildren. I think the emotions Christmas evokes are hard to snuff out so suddenly. It needs to be a gradual process, like weaning..just enough to deal with at a time. I think I may be over it by Valentine's Day :)
Do you make a clean break of it, sweep up the needles and air out the house? Or are you also a lingerer?

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